SollievoDual the Anti-Decubitus-Pad with pneumatic repositioning-system



w ith an integrated, pneumatic repositioning-system, invented to prevent effectively decubitus / decubitus ulcer and the connected great ailment of the affected patients.

SollievoDual resolves at once several problems, which occur in care activities for immobile bed-ridden people. The frequency of decubitus diseases is despite of all efforts in the care sector still in a range of 5 to 20 percent among the group of patients considered to be at high risk. Prevention and treatment are personnel- and hence very cost-intensive too.

SollievoDual obviates effectively decubitus diseases and may be used as well in the treatment of affected patients. The pneumatic system mobilizes patients automatically, which reduces the accident hazard of patients and nursing-staff and eases the care at the same time.

The pad


s everal different pneumatic segments. The pressure of the single elements is adjustable by an electronic remote control. In this way the support pressure, one of the factors regarding decubitus, may be regulated. At the same time lifting cushions allow to move the patients.

With this principle, it is possible to bring the recumbent person with the aid of the pad into an upright position, rotate him or her or bring the person into a nursing position.Nursing-staff does not have to lend a hand in order to move the patient. The patient will be gently and carefully tilted into the desired position and will remain stable there as long as the lifting cushions will not be lowered.

The pneumatic system is individually controllable. Lying position and time interval may be adjusted according to the treatment plan. By means of the automated rebedding of the patient into the desired positon with simultaneous prevention of bed ulcers (decubitus) Sollievo Dual resolves nursing problems holistically and improves thereby the efficiency and quality of care.



work of the nursing staff.
the general lying comfort.
the treatment of pressure ulcers.
effectively bed ulcers/decubitus.
and be applied in the treatment of decubitus.
work-related strain of the back /accidents/ and shear forces contributing to decubitus.

Be it in hospitals, homes for the elderly or in home-based health care, Sollievo Dual prevents secondary diseases due to lying in bed, provides pain relief and facilitates the treatment of decubitus.

Additionally SollievoDual relieves the burden of the nursing staff, who thereby saves time and energy, both badly needed in order to take care of the general care activities and to attend to the patients.

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